The school expects all students to maintain high standard of discipline in order to facilitate a healthy learning environment. The school rules apply on campus, on board school bus, during picnics and on all school sponsored events. The rules stated below should be strictly adhered to:

1. Students are expected on campus on all working days not later than 9.30 am.

2. Students who arrive after the commencement of classes shall be admitted only with the permission of the Principal.

3. No student shall be allowed out class without approval from the teacher under no circumstances shall students be allowed to leave the school premises during academic hours without the approval in writing of the Principal.

4. Students are expected to observe proper etiquette on campus in keeping with the school tradition and standard. They shall respect their elders and teachers and be honest in words and deed.

5. Students shall practice personal hygiene and co-operate with the school in keeping classrooms and premises clean. They shall not dispose of personal trash/litter on the classroom floor or on the school premises.

6. Graffiti and writing on walls of the school buildings shall be deal with us offences. Students should also not leave scratures or marks on school furniture or classroom doors.

7. Profanity in word or deed shall be treated as punishable offence. Students shall respect all religions and faiths. They shall also desist from use of abusive language, as the primary objective of education is the formation of character.

8. Students shall not cause damage to or destroy school property. If they do so they shall be liable to make good the damage along with time as decided by the Principal.

9. Use of mobile phone by students is strictly prohibited in the school premises.

10. Students shall desist from consuming chewing gums and distributing sweets and chocolates among friend during school hours and on board school buses.

11. The school shall not be held responsible for the loss of or damage to books, money and personal belongings of students. Students are advised against bringing valuable articles to school.

12. Observance of Morning Prayer on all working days compulsory for all students. The school general assembly, whenever announced, shall also be attended by all students.

13. Campus language and medium of instruction being English, students as well as teachers are expected to communicate in English inside the class, in the school premises and on board the school bus.